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We are on “the Facebook”

Written by bhayes

September 5, 2019

facebook allows us to reach out to a wide audience quickly, when it matters…

A website is a good thing. For businesses, non-profits, “influencers”, and so on, an organizationʻs web presence allows its visitors to find out more about them. That is where those link titles come from: “About Us,” “Contact Us,” and the even more obvious “News.”

To access the information on a website you have to visit it. And when we have an issue that requires mobilizing (for example) there is nothing better than social media. It is designed to be constantly updated, with questions and their answers flowing in real-time. Social Media is responsible for worldwide movements like the Arab Spring, Me Too, and locally, the mobilization of the Kiaʻi to protect Mauna Kea. 

We arenʻt trying to start a rally. But if we were – if something had come up that you as an HKM parent, or as a Kanaka Maoli, or Kanaka Naʻau (Hawaiian inside) – cared about and there was only a short time to act – would you want to know in time?

If the answer t that question is “Yes!” then Like and Follow our Facebook page: or

Will there be all kinds of exciting content that is different from the web page? It is too early to tell. What you will get is lively discussion of things that matter, and links to the content that matters to you. 

Maybe though – just maybe – you could be a part of history as it is being made because you followed us and did not get left wondering…

“Eh… How come nobody told me?


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